Top 5 Stats 2019

Top Five in each category for the indicated year



Player Name TDs
Scott Valberg 17
Rich Withey 10
Brian Wilcock 9
Matt Walker 8
Aaron Dowd 7

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2 Pointers

Player Name 2pt
Tom Withey 5
Pat Corbin 4
Alex Rees 3
Mike Botting 3
Konner Burtenshaw 2

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One Pointers

Player Name 1pt
Trevor Beaulieu 3
Ryan Harper 3
Nick Dowd 3
Tom Lynch 2
Rich Withey 2

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Player Name Points
Scott Valberg 106
Rich Withey 66
Brian Wilcock 60
Matt Walker 51
Tim Clement 46

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Player Name Catches

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Passing TDs

Player Name Passing TDs
Hayden Peters 44
Tim Davis 37
Alex Fisher 32
Steve Douglas 23
Matt McNish 16

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Completion Percentages

Player Name Comps Atts Comp %

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Player Name Interceptions
Hayden Peters 6
Travis Irvine 5
Trevor Beaulieu 4
Tom Lynch 4
Dylan Bell 4

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Player Name Sacks
Justin Torres 16
Ryan Harper 8
Hayden Peters 8
B. Bristow 8
Tim Clement 8

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